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    Utuo conveyor belt products for food industry include: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) FDA grade belt,Polyurethane (PU) belt,Polyethylene (PE) belt...

    Food Industry

    Utuo conveyor belt products for food industry include: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) FDA grade belt,Polyurethane (PU) belt,Polyethylene (PE) belt,

    We provide various different kinds of belts which must be suitable for your application, such as Bakery and Cookie, Vegetable and Fruits, Poultry and Seafood and Confectionery etc.

    By continuous improvements and non-stop research, Utuo food processing belts are accepted by more and more customers and become reliable, high quality products.

    Logistics & Airport 

    From baggage security scanners to baggage transport, Utuo have the materials to keep it moving.

    Baggage and Materials handling Belts have always been the pursuit and concern in Airport and Logistic industry.

    Only a reliable and intelligent conveying system gives you a better solution.  

    Conveyor belts to your dispatching system.

    Horizontal conveying

    Inclined conveying

    Telescopic conveying

    Check-in conveying

    Vertical conveying

    Induction/Merger conveying 

    Conveyor belts to Airport – Silent Support

    A successful business trip, a happy tourism and a homesick ticket, what we do is to provide you a reliable and comfortable journey from check-in to baggage handling without your notice.

    Check-in system

    Baggage screening system

    Baggage handling system

    Aircraft unloding/loading system

    Logistics & Airportx

    Marble & Stone

    Utuo offers solutions to any problem of cutting, polishing and sizing of marble, granite, cement-marble, resin-marble and ceramic in any market thickness. the special structures of belt covers, some of them exclusively made and now considered as a market standard, together whit specific base compounds allow an optimum grip with pieces to be worked in any operational circumstance.

    Marble & Stone

    Tobacco Industry

    Utuo Tobacco conveyor and processing Belts are the key elements which ensure the efficient and trouble-free flow of the material in different processing stage.More than 10 years’ service in tobacco industry, Utuo provides the full range of products and solutions which must meet the increasing requirements from our customers.

    Different tobacco manufacturing process

    Utuo provide suggestion and solutions to our customers with high quality products and 

    Green leaf processing
    Picking and sorting of leaf bundles
    Conditioning processing
    Threshing(Stems out)
    Re-dryer processing
    Baling processing
    Aging processing


    Primary processing

    Bale opening
    Conditioning processing
    Casing processing
    Blending processing
    Cutting processing
    Dryer processing