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  • Logistics &Airport

    From baggage security scanners to baggage transport, Utuo have the materials to keep it moving.

    Baggage and Materials handling Belts have always been the pursuit and concern in Airport and Logistic industry.

    Only a reliable and intelligent conveying system gives you a better solution.

    Logistics & Airportx

    Conveyor belts to your dispatching system.

    Horizontal conveying

    Inclined conveying

    Telescopic conveying

    Check-in conveying

    Vertical conveying

    Induction/Merger conveying

    Conveyor belts to Airport – Silent Support

    A successful business trip, a happy tourism and a
    homesick ticket, what we do is to provide you a reliable
    and comfortable journey from check-in to baggage handling
    without your notice.

    Check-in system
    Baggage screening system
    Baggage handling system
    Aircraft unloding/loading system